The Groton Project

Energy Conservation Measures for the City of Groton

We performed a thorough energy audit of the Groton administration building and analyzed the data. The full report was provided. Based upon the findings, observations and through meetings with Groton administration on building use, we developed the Energy Conservation Measures, (ECMs) that will remedy the building energy deficiencies. We then compared these ECMs by measuring their expected energy efficiency performance in reducing the building’s energy consumption. This measurement was accomplished by detailed virtual energy modeling of the entire building by Maria Karpman of Karpman Consulting Inc., one of the most respected energy modelers in the USA, who provided us the detailed accurate ECM assessments used in the reports.

The buildings envelope characteristics as well as equipment energy consumption were modeled. Karpman tested each ECM for its contribution in reducing energy consumption separately. For example, savings from adding insulation to the roof, was compared to the existing building alone. This shows a relatively greater contribution by that roof insulation ECM itself, than when the buildings heat loss is simultaneously being reduced by additional wall insulation ECM. While the combined energy reduction of all the ECMs will be far greater, individual ECMs show a smaller share in the savings than when measured alone. The combined savings summaries are shown in Karpman’s modeling report, which accompanies this report.

Vendors expert at installing each of the ECM’s evaluated the building within their scope of work and provides estimates of construction cost. The list of vendors is included. These cost figures are shown in this report, then divided by the annual savings from each ECM if installed.