Significant Features

This breakthrough in super-insulating envelopes, works by applying dense spray-foam from the outside and using the unique structural bracket, to which most exterior panels can be fastened to.

Applied Value

Applied to new or remodeled homes economically with sustained value added based on your choices of materials and durability.

Enjoy Easeability

ExoThermo provides it's customers with top of the line super-insulating air & water tight envelope design.

Aluminum Brackets

Aluminum structural brackets are fastened to existing walls & roofs, then embedded in a 3” to 6” dense spray foam envelope.

Energy Codes

Energy Codes consider it a stand alone R-28 on walls & an R-42 on roof.

Code Commission

Code Commission consultants help guide final development.

Reduce Energy

Reduce energy 60% or more over current code built homes.


Payback immediate by reducing mechanical equipment size.

Current Projects

Eagle & Pitkin Counties, have approved current projects.

Complete Service

Complete services: Design support & complete installation.

Our 3 Step Process

ExoThermo works with any owner, builder, or architect to design and finalize all materials on the exterior of the roof and walls.

Number One

The Brackets

The brackets. 3 1/2 inch square brackets are fastened to the structural substrate such as wood sheathing, block, or metal with screw fasteners.
Number Two

Spray Foam Envelope

A spray foam crew experienced with ExoThermo, use their foam mixing truck and hoses to install 3 or more inches of foam to the walls and 5 or more to the roof. This closed cell polyurethane foam embeds the brackets and exterior of the building in a seamless super-insulating airtight and waterproof envelope. The dense foams air tightness prevents condensation and mold as the dew point will vary with the temperature but always remains consistent inside the middle of the foam.
Number Three

Finish Materials

Panels are cut and fastened to the brackets and steel tracks with screws, adhesive, and finished with a thin coat of stucco. Roofs are bracketed and spray foam insulated, similar to the walls but thicker. Roofs are clad with plywood and finished with metal panels or wood shingles. Tile or solar panels may be used instead.

The System Strength

The System Strength

ExoThermo's flexible envelope can withstand extreme winds and fire danger by using a wide variety of fire resistant panel materials.

Return on your Investment

The return on your investment will be immediate, by reducing the size of your homes mechanical equipment by 60% and simplifying construction with all 2x4 studs on the homes exterior repurposed to allow space between studs with ducts, plumbing or if desired additional insulation to achieve an R-40 wall.

National Energy Code

The 2015 National Energy Code will give your home an additional 30% energy credit bonus and some other continuous insulating envelopes because the studs and headers no longer work as thermal bridges between the outside and inside.

Design Freedom

Design freedom: Create your own exterior patterns and shapes with confidence with any material desired on walls and roofs.


Fire resistant, airtight/watertight, seamless, and insulating envelope.

Attractive Design

Exude strength from adding 4” to 7” of foam insulation, fire resistance & any finish panels to your structural frame or masonry.

No Interior Foam

Closed cell foam materials are only applied to and from the outside.

Builders Delight

Be dried-in & well insulated in just days after the homes exterior sheathing is installed, and not in weeks.