About ExoThermo

ExoThermo was born in 1983 with the induction of Environmental Architecture LLC from our founder Darek Shapiro, an award-winning architect from Manhattan, NY, dedicated to creating energy efficient homes. ExoThermo is in business to rid the world of "Sick Building Syndrome" and replace it with energy efficient healthy buildings from the ground up. We are so passionate about our cause, our founder ran for Mayor of Stamford, Connecticut under the Green Party Ticket to make a stance for energy savings. In doing so, we made the current mayor add a green platform to his campaign which elected the Governor 2 years later. Our passion is energy savings for our customers and our means of expertise to get this accomplished is with our amazing insulation process.

The real lightbulb moment for our team came in 2008 from a small company called Energy Independence Now LLC, which was to combine the synergy of solar, geothermal and super insulation technologies to increase energy efficiency in buildings. We found that our first course of action was to super insulate our buildings. The immediate savings of 70% was done by reducing heating and cooling equipment. We knew we had a winning-recipe when comparing our process versus geothermal heating or P.V. solar which takes your return on investment over four times as long to obtain even when receiving 35% rebates.

We patented ExoThermo's bracket system, our idea to insulate a house from the outside. We are now looking to get people together to help roll out ExoThermo to the building industry to save energy in our cities.